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Rebranding an established Textile Manufacturer.

Rebranding | Brand Identity

ICON came to us with a 35-year reputation. Their logo already had a recall factor, and was known in the textile industry for quite the long time.

The Logo

Recognising the identity that came along with the "button" in the logo of this established brand, we decided to pick it up from there.

The redesigned logo connects with the old one, yet sets the new one apart and right into the zone of modernity and class.

When a brand has a history and association this long with its consumers, it has already created a lot of value in their lives. The tagline came from that idea of how Icon's fabrics had helped thousands achieve their dreams in style.

The Tagline

Media guidelines and a few sample posts set the experience of the brand on all social media channels.

We took the aura of this new brand identity and applied it to different creatives designed for the brand. 


The entire deck of office collateral and the brandbook was designed to keep the brand homogenous throughout communications.

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