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Asia Worker

Application Design for Blue Collar Job Portal

User Experience | User Interface| Website & App | Illustrations

Apprehensions of a blue-collar worker are endless. Apart from being completely dependent on agencies to find them a job, lot of times they end up getting into the wrong job. Especially in the case of foreign jobs, transparency is an absolute necessity. Not just from the worker’s end, but also the enterprise in need of these workers face the challenge of finding the perfect fit. 

User Experience & Interface Design

Employers (Website)

Making it easy for them to get the exact talent they are looking for. Entire website is easy to understand and navigate. Apart from that, specific features were added, like collections based on skillsets, experience, educational qualification or any specific detail the employer is searching for in the workers. 

Employees (Mobile Application)

The app is made as conversational and interactive as possible for the workers to easily go through onboarding all on their own. This could be done by the iconography specially developed for better understanding. 

The second challenge of documentation and detailing was solved by a guided navigation system. This way the app guides the workers exactly which part was needed in a document or explaining how and what to scan in the specific document.

‘Design comes with functionality’ one of the popular lines we hear in the office is one of the reasons this set of icons have more to them than just a unique style. They have a personal touch to them, with every profession crafted in a way that the workers immediately relate to. 

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