BannerBuzz Audit

Bannerbuzz is a multimillion-dollar ecommerce platform headquartered out of the US but functioning across multiple countries. Being a versatile brand, present in multiple countries, the brand wanted to take the plunge and attain the next level in its journey. The first and foremost step in doing that would be to have a creative makeover. But, for such an established brand to take this plunge, required many stakeholders to be on the same page.

Some thought the brand was alright, while the others thought creative makeovers brought no value to the table. Enter TwoDo Creative Studio.

We conducted a creative audit for this brand. The audit was conducted by our very two departments—Visual and Verbal

Verbal Audit

Though extremely hard to explain how, verbal audit is one of the toughest to conduct. Though the words used might look grammatically sound, the impact they have on the user’s mind, takes away all the charm. A verbal audit for the brand figured out that the brand lacked a verbal cohesion in its language, thus lacking a brand personality. Not just was the tonality inconsistent, at lot of places lacked grammatical hygiene. A flow, and a style to say things to a user is very necessary to get the user to “know” a brand and stick to it in the future. An extensive verbal audit pointed out such nuances that needed change, giving an entire verbal picture of the brand.

Visual Audit

Focussing on the website. Our design team took up the great challenge of auditing a vast website creatively. This included UX, UI, graphics, visual cohesion, and visual brand personality audit. 

Finding out each and every detail that can be improved throughout the website, our team pointed out the creative nuances that could instantly uplift the website’s look and feel. Not just making the brand visually pleasing, our UX audit also focussed on the functionality aspect of the website. Each button, CTA, and navigation was checked from a user perspective, giving out relevant highlights to complete this extensive audit.

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