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How would you grow your business? The answer is Bannerbuzz! Bannerbuzz, or BB as we call it, has one mission, to make sure every marketing requirement of every company is met with great ease. Be it marketing through signs and banners, or if the company is participating in a trade show. Every marketing material it requires, can be ordered online, from this ecommerce of signs, printing, and much more—Bannerbuzz!

BB (US) approached us as they wanted to take the plunge from being a 10-million-dollar company to a 100-million-dollar one. The first step in that direction, would be a complete brand makeover. So, this is where our paths crossed, and we set out to find the perfect visual identity and another major change required was in the verbal identity of the brand.

Verbal Identity

To give an already established brand a complete makeover, is comparatively a much more challenging task. The audience of the brand is evolved, the market is fixed, and so are the users of the website. So, how do we go about it?

We started with some research and brainstorming sessions. The main observation was that the brand lacked a personality, a tonality, and so the overall impact. Thus, Bannerbuzz brand personality crafting began. A group session was conducted with the founders and stakeholders of the brand and a final brand personality was crafted. Similarly, the brand now needed a voice of its own. A voice, that immediately distinguishes it from any other brand. An in-depth tone of voice was crafted for the brand, giving it a unique voice in the communication department, a verbal identity.

Content Creation

A verbal identity helps shape the voice of the brand, but translating that voice into each and every communication, be it a TV commercial, a print ad, a website, or just a simple emailer is also what our content department specializes in. Hence, after crafting the tonality, BB’s main web copy, some sample emailers, and banner ads were conceptualized and written to suit its beautiful personality.

Visual Styleguide

With an established brand, a logo is something that seldom changes. But is visual identity just about the logo and the colours in it? The answer to this question is the fully modified and uplifted visual identity of the all new Bannerbuzz. Yes, the colours of the brand were already chosen, but using just the right shades at just the right places, improving the entire look, feel and personality of the brand, was what our design department did.

The visual style guide was crafted, giving a detailed idea of how the visual identity of the brand works through various sections, Website pages, sections, banners, ads, etc.

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