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Creative Audits and Content for a Marketing Company.

Verbal Audit | Visual Audit | Verbal identity | Content Writing

Bannerbuzz is a marketing company that provides all sort of printed banners for company exhibitions and trade shows. The USP of the brand was its completely customizability when it came to creating those banners.

Verbal Audit

 A verbal audit for the brand figured out that the content lacked a verbal cohesion, thus lacking a brand personality.  An extensive verbal audit pointed out many problems that interfered in the brand's verbal identity. Post the audit we went on to rewrite the entire content for the brand's website.

We started with some research and brainstorming sessions. The main observation was that the brand lacked a personality, a tonality, and so the overall impact. Thus, bannerbuzz brand personality crafting began. A group session was conducted with the founders and stakeholders of the brand and a final brand personality was crafted. Similarly, the brand now needed a voice of its own. A voice, that immediately distinguishes it from any other brand. An in-depth tone of voice was crafted for the brand, giving it a unique voice in the communication department, a verbal identity.

Visual Audit

Now began the challenge of the visual identity. We conducted an audit of their UX, UI, graphics and other visual elements.

Finding out each and every detail that can be improved throughout the website, our team pointed out the creative nuances that could instantly uplift the website’s look and feel. Not just making the brand visually pleasing, our UX audit also focussed on the functionality aspect of the website. Each button, CTA, and navigation was checked from a user perspective, giving out relevant highlights to complete this detailed audit.

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