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Bear My Day

Creating a fun brand with a lot of edges.

Branding | Mascot | Sticker Pack | Collateral Design

Bear My Day began with a simple question, "Why should teddy bears be just for kids?" While trying to answer this question we ended up creating this really fun side project which actually picked up in the pop markets of Goa gathering a lot of love for us.


The Teddy with the long scarf came to us during a story narration in our coffee breaks. After sketching a hell lot of teddy bears, we finally could not take our eyes off this one with a lot of attitude. Though he did not look like a cute teddy bear that one can cuddle, we just loved his theory of life. We went on to translate his attitude into a bearictionary ( a dictionary by the bear), merchandise, sticker pack and what not!

Sticker Pack

After finishing the website for the bear, we went on to create an animated sticker pack which was accepted by the IOS. 

The stickers gathered their share of fame due to our little Teddy with a huge attitude.

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