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Product Design and Tonality for an Ecommerce for Covers.

Visual Identity| Verbal Identity | User Experience | User Interface | Marketing | Content Audit

An e-commerce for covers. The idea itself is as unique as this Georgia-based 4-year-old company.

Content Audit

Covers already had a website in place when they came to us. The main concern was the weak connection with their brand's philosophy and in turn the customers. As a result, we conducted an extensive audit for the content and tonality of their brand.

We were given an already designed logo. So we used its elements to further the visual identity and form the brand connect that was missing from most of their representations.

Visual Language

Three different styles and schemes were showcased. They went ahead with the one they connected the most with. After all, this is what we call a collaborative effort.

We redesigned their entire website, right from the framework, UX, and the UI. Without taking the brand too far from its existing colour scheme, we managed to deliver a fresher and clearer brand identity to this American E-commerce.


An area untapped, we came up with the suggestion of sending over a packaging note along with each of their covers delivery. The company had B2B as well as B2C clientele, so two different sets of packaging notes were written and designed accordingly.


With an ecommerce comes the responsibility of being active on social media. We helped out by streamlining their current creatives and suggesting templates that could be reused by their internal creative team to maintain consistency.

For their corporate clients, Emailers was the major line for marketing. We created five different styles of promotional and transactional Emailers with unique messaging and tonality for the brand's current and future use.

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