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Product Design and Verbal Identity for a Social Media Network.

Product Strategy | User Experience | User Interface | Illustrations | Verbal Identity

Changing the meaning of social networking was the challenging task that Hoopin had undertaken. And we undertook the challenge of setting their brand apart.


We began with discussing the product outline and then the smallest nitty gritty. The UX was designed through intense brainstorming sessions and then gradually we moved ono the UI part.

We started with the basics like colour, styles and then moved on to finalise that the app needed to be illustrative as in the end, it was all about socialising.

App Design

Every screen and ever illustration were designed with the same precision and enthusiasm and it all started to come together, well within the deadline.

Verbal Identity

Though it was an app, its basic function still remained interaction. Hence a verbal personality and tone of voice were crafted to bring all the communication together.

Hoopin wanted to bring back face-to-face conversations in the world of digital communications. Hence the identity and creatives were created keeping in mind the crux of this brand and its young target audience. 

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