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HPS Wellness

Product Design and Content Strategy for a healthcare app.

Content Strategy | User Experience | User Interface | Illustrations | Verbal Identity

There are plenty of healthcare apps in the market, but HPS Wellness was not just about healthcare, it aimed at bringing the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge into healthcare. The USP was clear, but the brand personality?

Visual Idenitity

Not just the UX, but giving the UI of the app a unique style was our aim. Hence, while we helped simplify the long onboarding process of the app through our precise UX design, the peculiar illustration style developed for the app ended up setting it truly apart, giving it a fresh look amongst the cluttered healthcare industry apps.

The main concern of our team was the vast content that is normally pushed out by such apps on a daily basis. To truly stand out, the app needed a distinct tonality that would converse with the end users rather than pester them with notifications. After spending quite some time with the idea, the perfect conversational tone was developed along with a content strategy.

Tone of voice

Content Creation & Marketing

After forming the basic brand identity, applying it to every area was the next step. The verbal identity formed the basis of the tonality used for  in-app communications and also the over fifty articles we wrote for the brand's daily content. We then worked on their marketing emailers for regular intimation to the end user.

Mobile Application

Making it easy to use, navigate, and understand formed the basis of the app's UX design. After fixing a lot of hurdles, we moved on to creating a uniform UI design adhering to the visual identity we had worked on.

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