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Website for European Language Learning Institute.

Branding | User Experience | User Interface | Verbal Identity| Marketing

Langved is an online platform for learning four major European languages. The major concern of the brand was cutting through all the noise and finding its place in the language learning world.


On learning about the brand's vision, we got to know that though Langved was looking for a professional look and feel, they did not want to be a typical institute. A lot of interesting ideas were floating in the air, inspiring us to create an identity for this brand. We started with designing a logo with different meanings. Well, is it a book, a shield of knowledge, or just a doorway to a brand new world? 

The logo went through a lot of refinement and was only then presented. Now,  Langved was given a set of colours. Just as per its personality, a set of varied colours were selected. The next step was crafting a tone of voice and an apt brand story to give the brand's philosophy a direction. 

Brand Identity


UX Design, UI Design and Content Writing was completed in a tight schedule. But timelines always help get the best out there. The subtle hints of freedom with the tagline, colourfulness, , the hint of an open door in the logo, and the website all bring together the essence of this now unique brand, called Langved.


We focussed on the main factor of learning a language while crafting the tagline: language instantly makes one feel at home in a foreign country.

Marketing Collateral

Every little thing designed for the brand was done keeping the brand identity intact. Whether it was integrating the brand on a letterhead or creating innovative visiting cards or social media creatives.

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