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Though travelling is all about enjoyment and experience, planning a travel is just the opposite. How many times have you postponed that team outing, just to stay away from the stress of finding the right hotel, conveyance, food, area that everybody likes including your company! Wish all of this was managed by someone else?

Enter MICE Online!

UX Design
UI Design

A brief background

Organizing events, travels, or even team meetings, MICE wants to make it hassle free. Getting the dealers, hoteliers, guests, even the backend on a single platform, though not an easy task, is the only way to keep everyone satisfied. 


1. Whenever it comes to planning an event, a lot of participants are involved. So, the main challenge was to create such a platform, where each one performs their function efficiently.

2. Another challenge that makes corporate event planning complex are the RFPs (Request for Proposals). To ensure cost efficient event management, companies require minimum of three RFPs before approving a vendor. This becomes tedious and time consuming for the planners.

1. First way to do this, was to study the large number of functions involved and appropriately categorize. MICE Online plays the middleman, making the journey easy! But how? A systematic user-flow journey was designed, making sure every factor of an event gets covered in such a way that it functions on a single platform. Major part of the project being User Experience (UX), now no user experiences hassles on finding its place here!


2. Single platform, for every event-planning hassle. Yes, RFPs being the biggest of them all, an in-depth study of RFP flow was conducted while developing the UX. 

A system was developed where the planner needs to put up the budget and other constraints on the webpage and automatically only RFPs satisfying those would reach the planner.


Sneak Peek

Another important factor for a successful travel is your mood of course! MICE Online is designed in a way that gets you in the best mood to get on with your travel. The colour palettes, the subtle travel signs, puts you in an adventurous mood and yes, a relaxing stay after! Bon-Voyage!

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