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Neon Earth

Complete Brand Experience for an American E-Commerce.

Brand Identity | User Experience | User Interface | Content | Marketing

With a mission to make the world a customizable place, Neon Earth started their journey by approaching us to create their unique identity.


We believe that brand identity must bear the brand's philosophy at its center. Customization being Neon Earth's philosophy, we proposed a logo that shouts customization as well. With the unique idea of a constantly changing logo, the brand's image suddenly took a huge leap.

After three rounds of logo refining, Neon Earth had a logo that held its crux. We now moved on to designing the brand identity while also focussing on crafting the tonality and tagline.


Tagline completes a logo's loop. And hence, drafting the accurate tagline for such a bang-on logo was a tad difficult. But after a lot of brainstorming, we came up with just the perfect line for this decorative brand.

Neon Earth. Decorate Life.


Once we were done with the basics, the herculean task of designing an ecommerce website with hundreds of unique features began. Attractive yet simple UX and UI design formed the major part of our focus followed by crafting befitting content.

There were design tools, UX/UI for different typed of end users, social media creatives and myriad other challenges that made this Neon journey pretty exciting for us. 

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