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Pop Couch

Mascot Design and Website for  Furniture Ecommerce.

Mascot | Website Design | Content Writing | Illustrations

PopCouch came to us at the very initial stage. They wanted to be different, create their identity in the chaotic interior design and home décor space. Something that expresses their out-of-box thinking.


Yes, mascot design was a must. But which would that be? PopCouch was all about bold pinks and dynamic minds. Being a remote agency, we spend most of our year working from different cities. During one such adventure in Malaysia we had spent some great time with the beautiful pink bird - flamingo. And bingo! PopCouch got its match. The vibrant, expressive, witty and pink mascot - "Popo".


Popo helped us give the brand a definition, a direction and an identity. The website too was virtually created by Popo! The vibrant colour palette, the catchy illustrations, the witty-yet-friendly tonality, the naturally flowing storytelling factor, everything just tied in and the PopCouch Website was ready to be shipped for development.


Through initial discussions with the PopCouch team, we did get a direction, but there was some going-into-the-shell required to crank it up. So we took to our internal brainstorming. After a lot of discussions, arguments, creating and then scrapping a lot of ideas, one thought was super clear - The brand needed a mascot to tell their story.

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