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Robo Inventions

Website Creation for a Robotics Company.

User Experience | User Interface | Animation | Content

Situated in the quiet city of Kerala, is this brand with a loud message for the industry. Making robotics accessible to all was the one simple mission of the brand when they came to us for building their website.


Multi-industrial robotics, the functioning and myriad applications of their products was the start point for our creative-yet-engineering mindset. We started with setting up a colour scheme, visual language, and then moved on to the smooth UX and UI design for Robo Inventions.

The main roadblock when it comes to a core technological sector is explaining it in simple words. Our engineering background made it a cakewalk to translate robotics to conversational English, of course with a unique tonality to it.

Content Strategy

We worked on split animations, three-dimensional prototypes, demo UI for the control screen for better representation of the functionality factor. The main aim of conveying their product in and out was then met with our visual and verbal collaboration.

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