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Complete Brand Experience for a Men's Luxury Fabric Brand

Branding | Verbal Identity | Social Strategy

In the textile market full of competition, Salzano wanted to create their own identity. Their strength? The extremely premium Italian fabric that was carefully curated by their founders.


We started working on the brand only after a  detailed knowledge of their fabrics and actually feeling the luxury roll beneath our fingers. That is where the entire inspiration was. The exquisite fabric quality  lead our way towards creating a unique brand identity and a lot more for Salzano.

We tried a lot of ideas for building a befitting logo. However, the majorly loved one turned out to be a typeface. Now, making that typeface very "Salzano" was our next target. 

Verbal Identity

No brand identity is complete without its verbal partner. While Salzano's visual identity was taking shape, the verbal identity had begun its journey. A brand personality and in turn the brand story was built, keeping in mind the target audience and  product. The verbal identity went on to translate into all of Salzano's communications, giving it a uniform tone of voice.

After a  zillion typeface explorations, Salzano found its true identity, a typeface that flows just like its fabric. Now the brand needed a visual identity. After we explored a lot of ideas, we realised that the solution  was staring right at us. Salzano's logo in negative space, formed a beautiful pattern, just right for getting the uniqueness we were looking for. That pattern went on to define the brand's visual language and appeal.

Brand Identity

Another highlight of this brand is its "Than Board." Our market research brought to our notice the non-creative boards of wood that lie underneath all fabrics. We proposed the idea of having a picturesque Than board for Salzano, the one that not just gives a brand recall but also is preserved rather than thrown away by the shopkeepers.


One of the most important elements of a consumer product is its packaging. Taking our inspiration ahead, we kept the packing of Salzano all about its premium feel. The tags and bags were designed based on the beautiful landscapes of the  Italian town of Salzano.

For the first time ever, textiles were packaged in a premium wine bag, forming a direct connect with the phrase "A gentleman knows his wine."

Social & Brand Experience

Taking it a step ahead, we took over other marketing collateral for the brand. Their different types of fabric catalogues, ads and their social media creatives, all blended in to give a continuity to the brand, creating the aura we were looking for, for this premium newbie in clothing town.

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