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Brand identity for a steel aggregation platform.

Branding | Verbal Identity | Social Media Strategy

Steel aggregation had never been done online before. The main challenge of the brand was explaining the idea and vision behind their product. Clean slates are always fun to work for!


Tons of ideas were discussed before the most meaningful was finalised. Now Steembo had a logo that included glimpse of steel applications done right, with the letter "S." The fresh green colour also indicated prosperity and teamwork.

Brand Identity

Feel of the brand needed to be friendly and warm, conversing efficiently with the typical target audience of the industry. A verbal identity with detailed content guidelines and visual identity for the brand's visual appeal made into Steembo's comprehensive brand-book.

A clear brand identity helps the brand talk to its audience without any external help or explanations. It also creates a distinct recall and awareness.

Verbal Identity

Being an entirely new idea, the brand's tonality had a very significant role. A detailed verbal identity was crafted keeping in mind the kind of audience and potential business arenas.

Social Media Marketing

Launch creatives and strategy to create a buzz and sneak-peek into the brand's USP were created. The main objective was to create a young, dynamic and exciting aura around the launch.

“We loved the work that TwoDo created for us”

-Ravi, co-founder, Steembo

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