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Comprehensive Brand Identity and Website for a Private Market Investments Company.

Branding | Verbal Identity | Website

Terazo is a private market investments company that uses blockchain tech to fractionalize real estate. Terazo approached us as the idea of tokenizing real estate was fairly new in India and they wanted to start with a bang.


The project started with crafting a brand identity. Terazo needed to be modern, minimalistic and chic. Adhering to that philosophy, we came up with suggestions that would highlight their company's vision as well as connect with the end user. 
The logo represents a "T" for Terazo. But when looked at minutely, the subtle nitty-gritty can be seen. The T is beautifully formed by a collection of fractions that look like terrazzo tiles, from where the name originated. 
Tying in both, the story of the brand and the element of fractionalization, the final logo of Terazo was the perfect representation of the brand's ideology.


Now for the second department of TwoDo - Content. Terazo needed to have a tonality that matches the brand's ideology as well. Talking to a young, successful and dynamic end user required a lot of confidence and minimalism. These two qualities were mainly focused on while forming Terazo's Verbal Identity.

The tagline of the brand is something that needs to be worked on very carefully. Terazo's tagline was again a mixture of different elements, just like its logo. The line talks about building a future, representing quite literally the real estate sector as well as the brand's futuristic tech. Also, finishing with a clever "block by block" gives a peek into the blockchain tech and fractionalization element as well.


Terazo's website is a reflection of the brand identity. The visual elements, the serene blue, the subtle gradience and the chic copy, all give away the brand's class and royalty. Just as the brand's philosophy, Terazo's website talks efficiently and elegantly with the end user. The minimalism approach can be evidently seen in the website, as it ensures a direct conversational approach through the design as well as the copy.

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