The Mean Clean

A busy life always wants more ways to get simple. And then, who takes up the responsibility of clearing the dirty laundry? How many times have you fought over this mean task and yet couldn’t escape it. Well, Mean Clean brings it from your frowns to your fingertips.

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Yes, making it that easy indeed! The Mean Clean is a project that answers the age-old question—who will do the laundry. Now all you need is one web application and you can not only book a laundry pickup but also track your laundry on each stage till you get back the neatly folded stack of clothes. Making it hassle free is just one part of this project. Building a trust that ensures no apprehension while using it by all age groups is a bigger part of The Mean Clean. On the other hand, the process of onboarding local laundries is super-duper easy, thus covering the locality and giving them much more structured cash flow and orders.

Design Challenges


1. Local laundries shy away from technology thinking it will be complicated to use. 

2. Anxiety regarding getting payments in time, as they do not get those even from their local customers.


In the case of end users, the doubts arise regarding pickup and delivery of the laundry. Some may have small kids at home whereas others the elderly. 



The onboarding has been made conversational and friendly. Tried and tested, the formula does not require a tech savvy user anymore. Completely solving the issue of payments, the check out flow has been designed such that the laundries receive payments immediately for their orders, reducing the credits to zero.


A tracking system has been designed that not only tracks the whereabouts of the laundry, but also informs the customers as to who will be delivering/picking up the laundry. The delivery boy’s picture, contact number and other details are shared as soon as the order is placed. Nothing can now get the users anxious, anytime anywhere.

Sneak Peek

It’s all about simplifying the meaning really! Decoding it to the fullest, the design of Mean Clean has a lot of friendliness to it. Icons, colourful illustrations and the feel of the website, all shout comfort.

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