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Club Trillion

Complete Brand Experience for a Restobar in Thailand.

Brand Identity | Marketing Collateral | In-house creatives | Environmental Design Ads | Social Media

A nightclub and restobar situated in the famous walking street of Pattaya in Thailand. Planning to cut through all the noise and similar offerings in the surroundings, Trillion approached us with a clean slate.


And so began the process of giving Trillion a face and a voice. The lion of Trillion needed to be royal, to suit the premium vibe of the restaurant in the making, but also a party animal to connect with the nightclub of the Walking Street. After a gazillion trials we came up with just the perfect blend of a fierce as well as cool lion--a lion with a chill ponytail.

With a lion comes his thick and royal mane. We picked up the flowy pattern his tied up mane formed and decided to use it as the brand's visual glue. Every little detail of the lion's hair was used to create the pattern we were looking for to form a visual identity.

Visual Identity

Environmental Design


The tagline of the brand was crafted after a lot of different routes were considered. What was striking about the line chosen was its meaning with and without the word "Trillion" and how well it went along with it.  A cool lion promising trillion times wilder times in his den was the insight of the branding and the wildly crafted brand story.


The concrete visual and verbal identity helped in building the brand's other collateral, food packaging included. We used witty one liners and conversational copy to bond with the customers of this wild and royal restaurant. The Trillion look and feel was maintained uniformly across all packaging.

A total of eight walls, signboards, wall quotes and concepts were created and executed on site. Conforming to the brand identity, we took on the task of maintaining brand recognition and recall throughout the space, be it entrance design or washroom quotes.

Social Media

Along with the physical space design, we overtook Trillion's digital space too. With posts divided into set categories, we formed a creatives strategy to convey the right vibe and aura to the audience. We worked on the brand's pre, during, and post  launch creatives.

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