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Contest Entries

Global Contest Entries by TwoDo Creative Studio.

Art Direction | Copywriting

The Brief

Croma wants people to throw away e-waste responsibly. For this cause, they are starting an initiative of collecting e-waste at all their stores. For every old gadget lying around in the house, they will plant a sapling as well as offer discounts on the next purchase.

The Print Ad

As the first challenge for anyone is identifying e-waste at home, we played around the word 'problems' and converted it into a puzzle. After spotting the e-waste in the creative, people can now do the same in their own house.

The Brief

ContentFly is a new OTT platform with only original, quality and curated content. How will this newbie survive in the age of established OTTs like Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Our Campaign:

Switch to What Matters

We devised this strategy, based on the problems with the content shown on the current OTTs and its negative psychological impact. Our print campaign literally showcases how constant negative content can influence a person's perception of real life positive situations. 

The Brief

The constant usage of technology has affected our day to day living. How would the world change over the next three decades, if this is not curbed?

The Print Ad

We decided to focus on the main issue, the continuous usage of mobile phones during the day. We tried to showcase how the seating at a diner might have to be changed with the in turn changing human anatomy.

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